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Neurographic Art 

General and Class Information


What is Neurographic Art ?

A meditative form of art that allows for a deep mind-body connection, which provides a gateway to and from the subconscious.

Why do I want to talk to my subconscious mind?

Most of what we do on a daily basis is automatic responses from the programmed (learned) behaviour over time. The only way to truly change our behaviour, and therefore the life we experience, is by becoming aware of our programming and update or upgrade them as needed. The programs are stored in and acted upon from the subconscious mind. Therefore, communication between the two is the only real way of changing what we experience in life from what we don’t want to what we do want.

What purposes can NeuroArt be used for? 

A meditative form of art that allows for a deep mind-body connection, which provides a gateway to and from the subconscious.

How can NeuroArt be used for Healing?

Neurographic art is a method of self-expression that allows for non-verbal expression of deep and dark emotions and a process to transmute that stored energy into a positive flow that creates relief and allows for healing over time.


During a neuro-art session, the participant is fully present, in mind and body, which is a necessary component of healing emotional trauma. The combination of a seomatic release and non-verbal processing of emotions allows for alchemy to take place and pain can be transformed into purpose. It can also allow for the removal of unwanted automatic responses and programming which will allow for a new set of life experiences. One that the participant desires, not one that was programmed for and into them.


How can Neurographic Art be used for planning?

Once a participant is aware of their automatic responses and patterns, the connection between the conscious and subconscious mind can be used to program new outcomes and experiences with purpose. We use verbal and non-verbal expressions, combined with tried and true planning techniques to create desired outcomes in our daily lives. The mind is like a garden.. Once you deweed your garden of the mind, you must plant what you mean to harvest, otherwise the weeds will grow back out again. The planning algorithms in neuroart are the process of planting new seeds in the fertile soil of the subconscious mind.

What can NeuroArt help with? 



Trauma healing

Chronic pain



Grief Breakups

General life planning..


Who should use NeuroArt?

Anyone and everyone should use it. There are zero barriers to entry and it is suitable for anyone. It is suitable for children and adults alike. Sometimes for young children modifications are necessary but the general principles can be used by anyone.

What are NeuroArt Sessions like?

Each session has a specific purpose and composition. Each session can take between 1-3 hours, sometimes longer, depending on your intention and the amount of work you feel you need to do. 

Working With Me

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