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Personal Development Coaching 

Why get a coach?

Life is a series of actions and reactions. People and events influence our lived experiences on a moment by moment basis. Our lived experience of life is the accumulation of our responses to the people and circumstances around us. How we respond in any situation depends on the internal programming of our subconscious mind, and our awareness of our automatic responses. Through our coaching sessions, I can help you become aware of and reprogram your internal programs and therefore shift your lived experiences so they are more aligned with your desires. 

With educational backgrounds in Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a personal career background that includes successful entrepreneurship and corporate management experience, I can help you better understand your current coordinates in life and make the most optimal choices to bring your dreams into your lived experiences. 

Clarity in life is the key to success and fulfillment. This is the reason behind the popular saying "Hindsight is 20/20". Looking back at life, it is easier to trace the origins of our experiences to the decisions we made along the way. Being able to have foresight and connect the dots looking forward is the art of living well. 

In order to feel fulfilled in life, we need a few things to happen in harmony together. A fulfilled life has a healthy dynamic balance in our physical, spiritual, social, relational, and emotional aspects of our life and creating a dynamic balance between them creates a metaphysical homeostasis that mirrors the physical function our body creates in order to maintain our physical health. 

Life Coaching

Clarity is of utmost importance when it comes to maximizing our chances of success. In order to arrive at any destination in life you need to know three things: your current coordinates, the coordinates of your destination, and the direction and duration of time you need to travel. The more precise we are in estimating each of these criteria, the more likely we are to arrive at our desired destination safely and efficiently. 

Having said that, obstacles and trial and error are an inevitable part of life. The key is realizing that there is no such thing as failure in life, just feedback. We call something a mistake when the destination we arrive at is contrary to our expectation. Yet based on the laws of physics which rule this universe, there was no other destination possible given the direction you chose and the duration of time you travelled down the path and the amount of energy you put behind the work. When the discrepancy occurs it is important for us to realize that the result is not a mistake, but rather an opportunity for readjustment in order to get to our destination from this new coordinate. In our next attempt we are will have the benefits of all the lessons  we learned in the process of our previous attempts. 

Part of gaining clarity on the fundamentals includes learning who you really are and what actually makes you happy in life and how far along the path of fulfillment you are in each area. This is the coordinates of where you are in life. 

Next is the goals we set in life. The goal needs to be realistic and achievable in order for us not to set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. Therefore, gaining clarity on what the actual goal is and how to arrive at it allows us to maximize the chances of success and prevent wasted time and energy, which are the most valuable parts of our life. 

Finally, staying focused and determined in the path of achievement is the most crucial part of achieving any goal. 

Life coaching allows you to clearly identify the first two aspects and provides ongoing support during your journey to success. 

Areas of Life that can benefit from life coaching: 

- Career planning and success (Corporate advancement and success or Entrepreneurship) 

- Interpersonal relationship success 

- Health and wellness goal achievement 

- General goal setting and achievement

Relationship Coaching

When it comes to relationships, knowing ourselves and those we are in relationship with well is of utmost importance in maintaining the health and longevity of the relationships. 

We all have an intrinsic need to belong. We all also have internal programming about what it means to be in relationships and how to behave in them, either implanted by modelled behaviour in our childhood, or through learned experiences of past relationships.  

Our intimate relationships have the ability to trigger our internal issues the most due to the inherent intimacy of the relationship and the vulnerability it creates. They also provide the most opportunity for growth both personally and inter-personally. 

In romantic relationships specifically, balancing the feminine and masculine energies, both personally and within the relationship, play an vital role in the success of the relationships. Relationships are dynamic power balances that ebb and flow and balancing them post conflict ensures the longevity of the relationship. 

Whether you are trying to call in the relationship of your dreams, or improve the one you are in, or even deciding to leave one, there are valuable insights that coaching can provide guidance for future success. 

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