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Star Cluster

Readings and Divinations

Natal Chart Readings 


They say that life does not have a user guide. I beg to differ.  We are just not looking in the right place for the manual. Who you are, why you are here, and where you are going in this life is all written in your stars.

Your soul incarnated into this dimension at a specific time and place, with a specific mission in mind.  Most of the clues to your identity, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and triumphs are shown in your Natal Chart.

Understanding your planetary placements in the zodiacal wheel, which include so much more than just your sun sign that you know as your zodiac sign, and how you relate to yourself, others, and your ultimate purpose on earth will allow you to know yourself and those around you at an intimate level.

You will be able to understand why you behave and react in certain ways and why others do the same. It is both illuminating and liberating.

In this 60-90 Min session we look at your full natal chart so you can understand what your stars tell you about you.

We will go over your Primary Triad (Sun, Moon, and Ascending), your houses and your planet placements, and how they affect your personality traits, your behavior and your thinking patterns.

You will get a written report of all the information we go over on the live call.

Numerology Readings

Math and numbers is the language that the universe communicates with us in. It is the language we have created to understand the behaviour and interact with the Universe.

Our incarnation into this realm contains numbers which reveal the ingredients our life is made out of including our talents and the mission we are to accomplish this time around.

Your date of birth and your given name at birth contain a wealth of information about your gifts, talents, potentials, and behavioural patterns.

Your date of birth provides your Soul number and your Life Path number and your given name will provide the Destiny number.

This will be a zoom call where discuss your personal Numerology. 


Tarot Guidance

Tarot is the storyteller of the divination world. Tarot picks up on all the energy available around us and our personal energies and shows us the story.

If you are ready for the full story, and not just what is positive, then the guidance of tarot is of you.

Tarot will only tell you the general energies present, what you do with the information you are given creates the actual events to come.

If you are ready to hear the message from the universe n this moment, book your personal reading.

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