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Welcome Dear Seeker

If you have found your way here, you are looking for answers in your life. Whether you are seeking answers to life's common questions like where you are and where you are going and how to set intentions in life, or to find out more about yourself and connect deeper to your true Self and to understand those who are around you better, this website is dedicated to me helping you find answers. 

Whether you choose a coaching session, a Neurographic journey or a reading, I am honoured for your trust and hope to be a worthy guide on your journey of living life on your best terms. 

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About Mary Amini 

I am what you would call a generalist in life. With a varied educational and work background, I have lived through and gained experiences from many different places and events in my life. I have studied Philosophy which has taught me that perspective is everything when it comes to life and what we like to call facts of life. I have also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has taught me that healing is a multidimensional journey and dis-ease affects our body, mind and soul and healing also needs to take place in all three dimensions. 

This is true in all aspects of life. A happy and fulfilled life is one where there is balance between our physical, emotional and mental, and spiritual needs and desires. If one aspect of our being is being neglected, so matter how successful we are at the others, we will still not feel fulfilled in life. So, I have been searching for a way to find this dynamic balance and to create and maintain it in my life and my clients as well. 

As a person with mental health challenges all my life, due to trauma that started in my early childhood and continued for many years into my adulthood, I have always been looking for a cure. After many years of conventional therapy, which often gave me band aid solutions, I began looking for a more tangible solution. Having tried many modalities including talk therapy, EMDR, CBT, and many more, I was willing to try one more. That is when I was introduced to Neuroart and my life changed. 


I realized that I was the only one who could change my experiences in life. I became aware of my patterns at my moment of clarity on Thanksgiving 2018 and began working towards creating a whole version of myself once more. Neuroart, yoga, meditation, and journaling allowed me to express myself and begin my journey of remembering. I don't mean remember as the opposite of forgetting, but rather as the opposite of dismemberment. In moments in life where we experience trauma, a piece of us is frozen in time and space and is longing to become reunited with the whole that you are. The journey of healing is this journey of home-coming for our pieces left behind. 


Today I would like to share what I have learned with the world. We all get wounded along the way and most of us never heal our wounds. We just create lives that protect and perpetuate those wounds and continue to experience the same painful moments over and over again in our lives. We avoid our pains and seek comfort instead of learning to lean into the pain and alchemizing it in the process. In the practice of healing mentally and emotionally, you are the surgeon, there is no anesthesia, and it has to get really messy before it can get better. But you always know exactly what you need in life to be better. Sometimes we just need someone outside of ourselves to reflect back to us that which we truly desire and are capable of. 


Becoming aware of our patterns, and creating mechanisms for adapting, updating or exchanging them for new ones all together is the key in living a full life. My programs and services are designed to bring you just that insight. Whether you choose to work with me one one one in Personal Development or Neurographic Art, or you want to learn more about yourself through a Numerology or Astrology Session, I always seek to provide you with actionable intelligence that you can use to make better decisions in life, so you can experience a better life lived. 

I thank you for your trust and confidence in me and look forward to sharing a meaningful journey with you in whatever capacity you choose to connect with me. 


Blessed be 

Always, in all ways 

Mary Amini

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